The IEEE GRSS Young Professionals (YP) & ISPRS Student Consortium (SC) Summer School (SS) are events organized jointly in Brazil and supported by the two main international organizations in the field of remote sensing:

  • IEEE Geoscience and Remote Sensing Society: is a non-profit society, and its area of interest is the theory, concepts and scientific and engineering techniques applied to Remote Sensing of the Earth, ocean, atmosphere, and space. In addition, it is interested in the processing, interpretation, and dissemination of this spatial information.
  • International Society for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing: is a non-governmental organization that aims to develop international cooperation for the advancement of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing and its applications.

The IEEE/GRSS-YP and the ISPRS/SC-SS event occurred for the first time in 2015 in the dependencies of the Meteorological System of Paraná (SIMEPAR) and the Federal University of Paraná, both in Curitiba (PR). The first edition accounted for 80 active participants. The central topic was Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) applications and computer vision perspectives. After, in 2016, the event shifted to Presidente Prudente at the Sao Paulo State University (UNESP). The main topic was photogrammetry and remote sensing application using Remotely Piloted Aircraft (RPA) []. The second edition counted for more than 100 participants and was supported by both FAPESC and CNPq.

In 2017, the IEEE/GRSS-YP and the ISPRS/SC-SS event shifted to Lages (Santa Catarina) at the Santa Catarina State University (UDESC) under to topic LiDAR Applications and Multivariate Statistics. This event was supported by FAPESC and accounted for 110 participants. One year later (2018), the fourth edition of the IEEE/GRSS-YP and the ISPRS/SC-SS moved to the north of the country and took place in Campo Grande (Mato Grosso do Sul) at the main campus of the Federal University of Mato Grosso do Sul (UFMS) []. The event’s focus was artificial intelligence (deep learning) and was supported by FUNDECT, and accounted for more than 120 participants.

In 2019, the 5th edition of the IEEE/GRSS-YP and the ISPRS/SC-SS event occurred in collaboration with the 8th Symposium of Remote Sensing Applications for Defense (SERFA) in Sorocaba. This edition brought some news and approached defense and security applications using geoscience and remote sensing. Additionally, student activities such as “Pitch Battle” and “Hackathon” [] were offered aiming to integrate students from high school and both graduate and undergraduate level. The event accounted for more than 400 participants and was supported by CNPq.

In 2020, the 6th edition of the IEEE/GRSS-YP and the ISPRS/SC-SS was expected to occur in Belo Horizonte (Minas Gerais) at the Federal University of Minas Geris (UFMG) during the second week of October. However, due to the pandemic situation (COVID19), it occurred virtually and accounted for 12 (twelve) lectures delivered weekly from October to December. The moto was based on machine learning applications using multiple sources of remote sensing data [].

In 2021, the 7th edition of the IEEE/GRSS-YP and the ISPRS/SC-SS shall occur in the city of Chapeco during the last week of August. However, due to current pandemic restrictions (COVID19), this event shall also happen virtually. This year, the event will be organized by the Santa Catarina State University (UDESC) and the Communitarian University of Chapecó Region (UNOCHAPECO).